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Complete management and marketing methodology for attracting private patients for dental clinics.

  ASenior Management and Marketing Consulting is part of the SMB Group. We created the methodologySenior Leads   which integrates management, marketing, sales and training for dental clinics.


 We have more than 20 years of market experience and + 500 dental and medical clinics successfully served in 12 countries.

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Take your clinic to another level

Personalized assistance from experts in management and marketing for dentistry. Let's talk?
A complete results management and marketing methodology for your clinic

Using the Senior Leads methodology, we evaluate the potential of your market, carry out a diagnosis of your clinic, establish a marketing action plan, create and execute your patient acquisition campaigns, train your team to sell much more and retain your patients.  ;


Dr. Luciana


CRO - 35744

"We hired Senior to help us capture more patients, and they made us see that our problems went much further than that, in short, they made us see problems that we didn't even imagine and have helped us with solutions. And, thus, moving towards our goal."

Dr. Túlio Cardoso dos Santos


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"Senior is  a company capable of showing customers why your business is stagnant and how you  can get back on the path to success. The daily routine  makes us blind to our failures and accommodating in relation to  market changes. We  need someone  qualified to show us the way,  and Sênior Marketing has these professionals."

Dr. Keyla Siqueira


CRO 25607

"I was looking for a company to advertise my clinic, but in the first meeting I realized that the matter was much more complex and involved the clinic as a whole, from hiring employees to the payment method for clinic professionals. The consultancy helped with whole process, but we still have a lot of work to do."

Dr. Manoel Dias Luiz


CRO GO 1929

"In contact with Senior, we had the pleasure of meeting the consultant Márcio Andrade who guided us in a professional and personalized way, providing great explanations about the way our clinic is conducted and the marketing project. We are very grateful to Márcio and Senior Marketing. "

Dr. Carlos Francisco de Abreu Rodrigues


CRO 24941

"With Senior I was able to reorganize the entire project I had in mind to expand our business and go beyond expectations regarding its execution and planning."

Some Dental Clients

There are more than 500 clients served in business diagnosis projects, marketing planning, execution of fundraising campaigns, branding, opening of new units and mentoring. Come be part of this success story!


Free E-Book

Decoding Marketing in Dentistry

Find out why everything you know about marketing in dentistry is wrong. Understand what real marketing is and what it can do for your dental office or clinic.

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São Paulo - SP 

Av. Engenheiro Luís Carlos Berrini, 550 - 4th floor, set 41 -  City Monções - São Paulo - SP

 +55 11 3254 7451 

Miami - Florida  

66 West Flagler Street - Suite 900 - downtown Miami -  FL 33130

+1 (786) 530 5521

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