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Assistance in opening and expanding clinics.

+ 200 consultancies carried out

Consultancy for opening a clinic
We get the job
and you with a dream come true! 

  Senior Consultoria em Gestão specializes in opening dental and medical clinics. Our team has extensive experience in setting up, opening and operating medical and dental clinics, etc.

  We are made up of a group of professionals with master's and doctorate degrees in administration and marketing and have been completely focused on the healthcare market for the last 20 years. Our proposal is personalized and each clinic we help create is unique. 

 We advise our clients from the feasibility analysis phase of a new clinic, choosing a commercial location, planning actions to attract patients, defining a brand, pricing services, positioning and market differentiation strategies, market research , financial and administrative management.

  Our consultancy is made up of service modules that you can hire individually or together, to meet a specific need for your project.

Attention: We do not serve entrepreneurs looking to set up a single practice, as our management and marketing solutions are more suitable for dental and medical clinics.

Discover our solutions to help you set up your clinic



Preparation and study for the success of your clinic

We will help you put together a business plan that will detail the market opportunity that your clinic should explore. We will help you define the best region to establish your clinic by analyzing the economic potential of the location, we will help you define all the investments, costs and expenses necessary to get your clinic operational. We will also forecast revenue for the first 36 months (critical period). A marketing plan will be created that will guide the actions that your clinic must take over time to attract, capture, retain and retain patients with the most appropriate profile for the level of service that you will offer in your clinic.



* Support in choosing

from the commercial point 

Using geomarketing tools, we can pinpoint with a high degree of assertiveness in which city/neighborhood a clinic with the format designed in the business plan will find the target audience it seeks to serve. Furthermore, we support you in choosing a commercial location for your clinic. A consultant will visit and evaluate properties selected by you from a commercial and marketing point of view. Count on our experience to get this step right, which is fundamental to the success of your future clinic.

* restricted to capitals  and cities in the interior of the state of São Paulo.


Strategies to attract more customers to your clinic

One of the biggest challenges for every new company is attracting, converting and retaining good customers. This is the final objective of marketing planning, that is, to define your market, the service portfolio, strategic pricing, business goals, the annual sales plan, and mainly, what strategies and actions are necessary to attract the best patients. for your clinic.


Launch and operation

with clear goals 

From the first day your clinic opens, you will know what to do. What will be the goals and objectives to be achieved month by month. Your team will be trained in reception, customer service, financial and administrative routines. The marketing campaigns planned when preparing the business plan will already be underway and your clinic will begin operating in a standardized, predictable and manageable way. No improvisation here. Your clinic will have professional operating standards that are well above the market average, generating a huge competitive advantage over your competition.


Consulting and 

Field consultancy

You will have the support of a management and marketing consultant visiting your unit on demand, reviewing your strategies and answering your questions about the clinic's day-to-day operations.  A professional with experience in management and marketing in healthcare companies, accompanying the first months of operation of your clinic and being your support and mentor. And the best: it's not forever like a franchise and for a fixed price.  ; No royalties or fees on your revenue. You define the period in which you will need our help: 03, 06, 09 or 12 months. 

Only in April

Step by step to open your clinic


Market research


With geomarketing tools, access to economic databases and field visits, we will help you locate a commercial location that has the necessary characteristics to meet the demands of the clinic's target audience. We will create a good architectural project that welcomes and helps project the clinic's image.

business plan.png

Business plan


Tand we will help identify a market opportunity. We will prepare a business plan that explores this market opportunity, defining necessary costs and investments, establishing strategies for attracting, attracting, retaining and building patient loyalty.




We will train your team in financial, commercial and sales processes. Let's start  carry out the pre-opening activities of the clinic in accordance with what is established in the business plan schedule.

Clinic Opening Advisory.png

Unit in Operation


We will train your team in financial, commercial and sales processes. Let's start  carry out the pre-opening activities of the clinic in accordance with what is established in the business plan schedule.


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